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0x008 Video ::: Temporal Secessionism Broadcast Edition Salon

Published onNov 23, 2021
0x008 Video ::: Temporal Secessionism Broadcast Edition Salon

We held a discussion to launch Timezone#4, a new node in the Temporal Secessionism series by Nascent (Paul Seidler and Max Hampshire).

Thanks to participants, Project Atol, ŠUM Magazine and Plaza Protocol.

More on Timezone#4:

Accompanying Timezone#4 Source Book PDF contains material from Wassim Alsindi, Anna Greenspan, Max Hampshire, Amy Ireland, Kei Kreutler, and Paul Seidler.

To access it through the platform, go to, click the ‘i’ and enter the seed phrase TEMPORAL.

22/11/21 Temporal Secessionism Broadcast Edition 0x Salon w/ Nascent & Plaza Protocol
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SalonCast003 ::: Transcendental Time Machines
SalonCast003 ::: Transcendental Time Machines

We held a 0x Salon conversation under Chatham House Rule on the history, politics, philosophy and technology of timekeeping. This is an audio report based on that discussion.


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