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[ANN] 0x Salon Residencies @ Trust

Applications Now Open, Apply by 7th September

Published onAug 19, 2021
[ANN] 0x Salon Residencies @ Trust

Image generated by VQGAN+CLIP from a recent salon photograph.

Deadline for applications 7th Sep 23:59 CEST [Short Application Form]

We are pleased to announce that 0x Salon and Trust are soliciting applications for two Research Residency positions this autumn.

Research Residencies
These Residencies are flexible, part-time roles starting in September or October for a duration of 3 months with possibility of continuation afterwards. A stipend will be provided at a rate of EUR12.50 per hour for 32 hours per month. Residents will also receive a full membership of Trust including deskspace in addition to mentorship, technical & logistical support.

We are prioritising applicants from under-represented backgrounds. Though we would prefer Residents to be based in Berlin to make the most of our local facilities and networks, we are open to applications from elsewhere.

The specific activities undertaken by Residents will be tailored to individual interests and expertise, and the Residents will have access to the private 0x Salon library. This includes our archive of conversation recordings, game materials, upcoming articles, GAN workbooks for producing graphics, unpublished poetry and so on. As part of the program, Residents can propose new discussion topics, co-organise upcoming events, and participate in external collaborations.

Some ideas for Residency projects:

  • Developing closed-door salon event formats: offline, online and/or hybrid environments.

  • New public event formats in collaboration with Trust e.g. livestreams, panel discussions, pop-up salons facilitated by the salon card game.

  • New creative projects

  • Refining existing creative projects and output formats, formulating new output types, improving output legibility and dissemination.

Deadline for applications 7th Sep 23:59 CEST [Short Application Form]
Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss further:

0x Salon
0x Salon is an ongoing, non-profit experiment in collective knowledge sharing and cultural production. In the past 18 months we have held approximately 20 salons (intimate and private discourse sessions) on a range of conversation topics both offline at Trust and online via Zoom. Stewarded by 0x Salon team members, our community researches topics, organises events and produces scholarly and artistic outputs.

0x Salon’s event program brings together artists, researchers, theorists and other knowledge workers who engage with the chosen discussion topic. Past topics have included memes, Bitcoin’s ecological impact, interdisciplinarity, automation, abstraction, nonhuman life and collective behaviour.


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