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[ANN] 0x Salon Residencies @ Trust '23

We are pleased to announce that 0x Salon is soliciting applications for five Research Residency positions in Berlin, to take place over the remainder of 2023.

Published onMar 28, 2023
[ANN] 0x Salon Residencies @ Trust '23

Announcement: 0x Salon Residencies @ Trust ‘23

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Deadline for applications has passed: 14th 21st April ‘23 23:59 CEST

We are pleased to announce that 0x Salon and Trust are soliciting applications for five Research Residency positions in Berlin, to take place over the remainder of 2023.

Alice Yuan Zhang, 0x Salon Resident ‘22
I came to 0x Salon with interest in digital governance and over the course of three months developed a much more robust understanding of the landscape of peer-to-peer infrastructures. Thanks to the open-ended program framing, I felt well supported to evolve my inquiries while critically examining established notions and value systems in media arts, which allowed for my research and artistic practice to shift in foundational ways that I am continuing to expand on a year later. I likewise appreciate the ample opportunities to playtest ideas with the salon community and through side-of-desk exchanges at Trust, and treasure the many newfound friendships with likeminded cultural practitioners.

Research Residencies

These Residencies are flexible, part-time roles commencing May’23 onwards for a duration of 3 months with the possibility of continuation afterwards. A stipend will be provided at a rate of EUR15 per hour for 50 hours per month. Residents will also become members of the Trust workspace and online community, with access to deskspace, community events. The 0x Salon team will provide mentorship, technical & logistical support and access to studio/workshop facilities.

We are prioritising applicants from under-represented backgrounds. Though we would prefer Residents to be based in Berlin to make the most of our local facilities and networks, we are open to applications from elsewhere.

The specific activities undertaken by Residents will be tailored to individual interests and expertise. The Residents will have access to: the Trust workspace, our collective studio/workshop facilities, and the private 0x Salon digital archive. As part of the program, Residents can work on new or existing creative & scholarly projects, propose new research & discussion topics, co-organise upcoming events, and participate in community and external collaborations.

Chloê Langford, 0x Salon Resident ‘21/’22
During my 0x Salon residency I conceived of and developed a digital artwork, UR KAOS UHR. The "tentacular" style of the salon allowed me to explore the broad range of themes the salon has concerned itself with without having to provide a clear statement of what I would produce from the outset. Digging around in the essays, poetry, card games and radio shows 0x Salon has produced was an exploratory way of generating creative ideas. I appreciated the openness that the residency offered in allowing me to enter into dialogue with the existing salon outputs via the process of making. This combined with the resources that 0x Salon provided - time, money and space - created the ideal conditions to produce a new work. The salon is an exciting example of the productive chaos that can occur when knowledge and dialogue are cultivated outside the institution.

Some ideas for Residency projects:

  • New creative and scholarly research projects

  • Developing new & existing salon event formats: offline, online, hybrid, and/or augmented environments.

  • New public and discord event formats in collaboration with Trust e.g. livestreams, play-throughs, reading groups, sandbox sessions.

  • Mini-salons facilitated by the Fau0x Salon card game.

  • Refining existing projects and output formats, formulating new output types, improving output legibility and dissemination.

Deadline for applications has passed: 14th 21st April 23:59 CEST 
Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss further: [email protected].

Katharine Tyndall, 0x Salon Resident ‘22
I joined 0x Salon for the 2022 S+T+ARTS European Commission residency, working collaboratively to create and stage a speculative-fiction play about the future environmental devastation of proof-of-work. The Salon's network of talented fellows and collaborators helped me develop my creative writing and performance abilities and left me with a newfound sense of confidence in my skills. My time as a resident led to great opportunities to deepen my practice, and the broader Trust community has become a great friendship and support network.

About the 0x Salon & Trust

0x Salon is a para-institutional community of researchers and creatives incubated by and operating within Trust. The two organisations share many topics of interest, projects, and colleagues. Trust has provided continued support to 0x Salon’s events program, and the 0x Salon team meets in Trust’s Berlin workspace, where the residencies will take place.

As an explicitly collective endeavour, 0x Salon critically interrogates digital culture through discourse events and residencies, producing scholarly and creative interventions in the process. Since 2020, we have been hosting salons ⁠— intimate post-disciplinary discussions ⁠— on a range of conversation topics. We are conducting an ongoing, non-profit experiment in knowledge sharing and collective cultural production. Stewarded by 0x Salon team members, our community researches topics, organises events, and produces lore, critical theory, poetry, philosophy, games, theatre, and visual art.

Trust is a network of utopian conspirators, a sandbox for their creative, technical and critical projects, and a site of experimentation for new ways of learning together.

We gratefully acknowledge funding and support for these residencies from friends of the salon and Trust.

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