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0x003 ::: Algorithmic Realism

Published onApr 17, 2020
0x003 ::: Algorithmic Realism

0xSalon003 ::: Algorithmic Realism

Addressing the harms of algorithmic formalism - the dominant current paradigm of algorithmic thought - requires pursuing a new mode of algorithmic thinking that is attentive to the internal limits of algorithms and to the social concerns that fall beyond the bounds of formalist orientations and their implications.

B. Green & S. Viljoen, ACM FAT’20

Supporting materials

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Recommended reading:
Algorithmic Realism
Computation & Virtuality in Biological Systems
Programs, life cycles, and laws of software evolution

Salon Outputs

Algorthmic Realism Salon Reports


b) Thursday 27th August 2020 ::: Theory Branch ::: Berlin
a) Tuesday 14th April 2020 ::: Praxis Branch ::: Virtual

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