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Essential Abstractions - Runestone Immanence

Theme music for THE IMMACULATE MISCONCEPTION, opening next week in Milan!

Published onSep 29, 2022
Essential Abstractions - Runestone Immanence
Essential Abstractions - Runestone Immanence by 0x Salon

Essential Abstractions - Runestone Immanence

Music for THE IMMACULATE MISCONCEPTION, an interactive storytelling adventure by the 0x Salon, 2022.

Created as part of our S+T+ARTS 'Repairing The Present' residency at Art Hub Copenhagen, Denmark in Spring/Summer 2022.

World premiere at :REWORLD exhibition, MEET Digital Culture Center, Milan, Italy in October 2022.

Concept & creative direction: Wassim Z. Alsindi
Interactive design & visual direction: Anna-Luise Lorenz
Writers: Wassim Z. Alsindi, Habib William Kherbek, Claire Tolan & Katharine Tyndall
$HASHY animation: Bertram von Undall & Anna-Luise Lorenz
Music: Wassim Z. Alsindi as Essential Abstractions.
Production: 0x Salon

With thanks to all at S+T+ARTS and Art Hub Copenhagen for funding and support.

#theartofindifference #theimmaculatemisconception #repairingthepresent #neweuropeanbauhaus #eugreendeal

THE IMMACULATE MISCONCEPTION (Preview of Upcoming Exhibition)
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