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October'21: Meet our Research Residents, Transcendental Time Machines & Necroprimitivism Rising, CPRU Recital

Published onOct 19, 2021
October'21: Meet our Research Residents, Transcendental Time Machines & Necroprimitivism Rising, CPRU Recital

Sweeping Statements ::: Janitorial Revue

Dear fellow discourse lovers,

Greetings from Berlin, where the sundials keep time for less and less of the day as winter hastens its approach. It’s still cozy and warm at the salon though! As always, do get in touch (the0xsalon [at] gmail [dot] com) if you’d like to get involved in any of the below projects, or complete the Salon Participation Request Form to register your interest in attending an upcoming discussion.

Image generated by VQGAN+CLIP from a recent salon photo.

Meet the 0x Salon Research Residents!
As you might be aware, the 0x Salon recently opened a Research Residency programme. We announced two vacancies, to be based in Berlin at Trust where we spend our days epistemic trespassing and evenings discoursing, poeticising, GANonmyising, radio play improvising, memeticising and card game developing.

Without any further ado, we'd like you to e-meet our five incoming Research Residents!

Our London contingent are Martina Cavalot and Anna Engelhardt, spending most of their time within the 'Brextopian Horizon' with eastward visits for events and projects. Chloê Langford, Catherine Leigh Schmidt and Alice Yuan Zhang will be taking up residency positions in Berlin over the coming months and nestling into the Trust and 0x Salon communities.

Expect to meet them at salon events from now on, and we can’t wait to share the project-based activities they get up to on these pages and further afield as we start to hatch online and offline plans for winter and 2022. We are so excited to see what comes of all this as the 0x Salon finds its feet in (fingers crossed) a non-pandemic situation for the first time in its history.

More details on the announcement page

Illustration of Temperance from Heinrich Suso’s ‘Wisdom of the Clock’, ca. 1450.

Berlin Salon program @ Trust continues: ‘Transcendental Time Machines’ & ‘Necroprimitivism Rising’
The fourth Trust salon of 2021 took place recently on ‘Transcendental Time Machines’, where we discussed history, measurement and synthesis of temporal instruments and regimes. Text and audio outputs to follow.

Next up is a salon on ‘Necroprimitivism Rising’ where we will unpack the cultural idiosyncrasies around Bitcoin and other proof-of-work cryptocurrencies. Complete the Salon Participation Request Form to register your interest in attending.

CPRU Recital for Awham Magazine
Two public readings of CPRU works upcoming, first on 29th October at Awham Magazine’s launch event for their ‘Speculative Issue’, at A.P. Bookstore in Berlin. The magazine features CPRU poetics, Necroprimitivist scripture, salon GAN outputs and an extended interview with Wassim. More info here.

Image generated with VQGAN+CLIP.

0x Salon
0x Salon is an ongoing, non-profit experiment in collective knowledge sharing and cultural production. In the past 18 months we have held approximately 20 salons (intimate and private discourse sessions) on a range of conversation topics both offline at Trust and online via Zoom. Stewarded by 0x Salon team members, our community researches topics, organises events and produces scholarly and artistic outputs.

0x Salon’s event program brings together artists, researchers, theorists and other knowledge workers who engage with the chosen discussion topic. Past topics have included memes, Bitcoin’s ecological impact, interdisciplinarity, automation, abstraction, nonhuman life and collective behaviour.

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