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The Father, The Son, The Merkle Fruit

Written for but not included in THE BLACK HOLE OF MONEY theatre script (2022).

Published onApr 01, 2023
The Father, The Son, The Merkle Fruit

The Father, The Son, The Merkle Fruit (March’22)

Legacy and Ligature

The sorcerers of Saracens
Writing hex they can’t cache
Coinnoisseur of consensus
Casting their Schadowbahns
Crossolalia echoes
Throughout NATO’s cave
Spirits on the western wall
A Qwertzach Haderach
The ocstasy of Communifiication.

Crypto Means Corruptography

Upon the stormy Haven
2tonic Nitez 2,0 assemble
Back on their Boole shit again.
Schism, schizo, ski slopes
Cybercrusade imaginaries
For the CliqueClock generation
Inscribed upon the gates
Of the Bitinquisitor’s Palace
“Thou shalt not create a machine in the likeness of a Bitcoin mine”.
Trashes to rashes, trust to rust.

Bropocalypse DAO

As ‘twas foretold
There would be a terrible threat
Questioning life itself
“Something must be done”
And so it was.
A STARTS is Born
At the Byzantine Business School
A toxic environment
To facilitate adversarial thinking
Nohope, Noreally. No, really.


One cannot engage a barbarian with reason, nor wit.
Motte and Bailey, mot ets bailouts
Citadelboy and Rodney
Might, it be any other way than this.
The logics of the reaper
Encoded within the sower
A new glocal pillage
Powered by corruptography.

Scenes from a memorypool

As Cooperation 
As Corporation 
As Computation 
As Corpulation
As Copulation 
As Competition.
Recursion, regression,
Reduction, digestion.
Isolation, insulation,
Insurrection, immolation.

A trustless redoubt

Hodlers of the Coin!
Defenders of the 51% true faith!
Holy Merkle Fruit
Lead us 
From temptation
And nourish us with your bounty
Of Efficient Verification.
Parity begins at home
Janus Goblin
Tiers for fears.


Let our waste and heat 
Be the food of a New God.
Sacred cow
Hammer and plough
We must summon the Apocalypse DAO.
Endings as beginnings
In the circle of 51% lyfe.

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