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0x009 ::: The Price of Anarchy

Published onJan 14, 2022
0x009 ::: The Price of Anarchy

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‘The Price of Anarchy’ ::: Research Archive

‘The Price of Anarchy’ is a concept originally developed in the contexts of economics and game theory. In particular scenarios, The Price of Anarchy compares differences in efficiency in the presence and absence of hierarchical coordination mechanisms. For this salon, we will invoke The Price of Anarchy in its broadest possible sense to explore challenges in horizontal organising in all contexts: from solidarity-based organisations, to packet routing in digital networks.

Recommended Materials:
Theorymatters: The Price of Anarchy - Tim Roughgarden et al. (short article)
A Prehistory of DAO - Kei Kreutler (article)
The Tyranny of Structurelessness - Jo Freeman (article)
An Introduction to Extitutional Theory - Jessy Kate Schingler & Primavera de Filippi (article)
The Problem of Scale in Anarchism and the Case for Cybernetic Communism - Aurora Apolito (article)
Wikipedia: The Price of Anarchy - Wikipedia (article)

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