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June'21: IRL salons soon, SalonCast001 released, new poetics, prototype card game, 0x005 preview at 221a event

Published onJun 11, 2021
June'21: IRL salons soon, SalonCast001 released, new poetics, prototype card game, 0x005 preview at 221a event

Sweeping Statements ::: Janitorial Revue

Dear fellow discourse lovers,

Summer is finally here in European climes, accompanied by a relaxation in viral realities. With this in mind, our thoughts are focused on resuming IRL events (in conjunction with virtual sessions) for 0x005 The Indifference Engine, with details to follow. Reminder to complete the Salon Participation Request Form to register your interest in attending an upcoming session.

Non-Fungible $ALON Audio Report ::: SalonCast001
We recently held a one-off 0x Salon discussion on non-fungibility, tokenisation and creative commodification. We covered a lot of ground, from early beginnings on Bitcoin and Counterparty to the current niftymania. As part of our efforts to share the content of our salon discussions - whilst paying heed to the Chatham House discourse protocol - the janitors recorded an audio report which is now available. We hope you enjoy, and please let us know what you think of the content, format and delivery so we can improve these going forwards!

SalonCast001 - Non-Fungible Tokens

Excerpt from The Life Frequential

0x003 Black Swan Poetics dropped by the CPRU
In anticipation of the upcoming radio play funded by the Black Swan Working Group at our wonderful hosts Trust that involves many friends of the salon, the CPRU has issued another short piece in their typical Minimum Viable Poetry style.

Read The Life Frequential

v1 Salon deck prototypes

Salon Card Game Prototyping and Playtesting Underway
In hindsight, it was inevitable. After running into some intellectual property roadblocks with developing a card deck based on an existing game, we have begun to develop our own! The intention is to create an environment which acts as an intuition pump for discourse, as well as being fun and thought-provoking. The first iteration of a card deck has been produced and playtesting is underway. Get in touch (the0xsalon [at] gmail [dot] com) if you’d like to get involved! At the moment the game is offline-only, but there are ways for those who are not based in Berlin to participate in the project.

Patricia Reed and Wassim Alsindi calling into the 221a event from Trust

0x005 Preview at 221a event ‘The Valuation of Necessity’ with Patricia Reed
Wassim was recently invited to participate in an event hosted by Vancouver-based arts organisation 221a for a discussion launching their 'Blockchains and Cultural Padlocks’ project report, which features a major commissioned text by the artist & theorist Patricia Reed. Alongside Patricia’s summary of her article, Wassim spoke on ‘Metrics, Externalities and Limits’ in the blockchain setting which contains an update to 0x005 topic research. Huge thanks to Trust for allowing us to use their wonderful broadcast facilities!

Watch ‘The Valuation of Necessity’ video

Get involved in the 0x Salon!
As always, we welcome participation from the wider community in our conversations, creative projects and reportage. If any of you dear readers and salon friends want to get involved - we try to make it fun and you will get full attribution - please get in touch (the0xsalon [at] gmail [dot] com). You’ll be directly helping us redirect our attention to organising events, and you’ll also be given priority access to the now very oversubscribed attendance spots at the salons themselves.

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