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0x001 ::: Better Living Through Abstraction?

Published onJan 29, 2020
0x001 ::: Better Living Through Abstraction?

0xSalon001 ::: Better Living Through Abstraction?

We live in times of liquid modernity. As the pace of life quickens, humans struggle to effectively contextualise the growing deluge of inbound information. Frameworks employing abstraction promise essential insights by challenging pre-existing notions regarding the relationship between representation and underlying form.

In contrast, entropic bias and curiosity compel us to continue abstractio ad absurdum into ontologies resembling dense, striated jungles or barren deserts. Without closing the loop, such meta-analytic procedures are open to criticism from pragmatists for their ultimate inconsequentiality to the everyday. What affordances can we grasp, returning the abstract back into concrete?


c) Wednesday 24th March 2021 ::: Memetics & Mimesis ::: Virtual
b) Monday 22nd March 2021 ::: Memetics & Mimesis ::: Virtual
a) Thursday 6th February 2020 ::: Berlin

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