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By The Rewes Of Babylon

Published onDec 25, 2023
By The Rewes Of Babylon

By The Rewes of Babylon

The Leak of Nations
Heimat collapse
Saubernetics, Germaneutics, Glitzkrieg
Za'atar and feathers
Neither Damascene, Nor Daemoscene,
But A Socratic Third Thing.

Uhrzeit Macht Frei
Neun Inch Hegels
Hardcore Adornography
Thieleologies, Spree and prey
Friendly Fyre Festival, Habermas graves
Livestreamed on Instagramsci
More Husserl than it's worth?
If Nietzsche is unjust, change Nietzsche.

The Unheimlich Manoeuvre
The excess of evil
For The Germany, Not The Few
Documental illness
Bloodthirst trap, Djinn and Teutonic, Canaan fodder
Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Masochism
Curb Your Malthusianism.

Zwei Fehler ergeben noch kein Reich
A fictive altruism
Molochular gastronomy
Journocide, Cloisterbombs, Walden Pfand
When all is Crusade and done
Keep calm and carrion
Not Remembrance, Not Forgiveness,
But A Psychotic Third Thing.

By The Rewes Of Babylon by 0xSalon
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