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0x014 ::: Sensing The Unseeable

Published onMay 02, 2024
0x014 ::: Sensing The Unseeable
‘Sensing The Unseeable’ ::: Research Archive

How does science represent the world? What do our models teach us about ourselves, and our relationship to the Universe we inhabit? The scientific image – the world picture established by centuries of methodical and formalised discovery – shatters and recomposes the manifest image – how humankind conceives of itself – at rapid pace. With technological capacity reaching a new, vertiginous apex, the complexity of scientific discovery ambiguates our understanding of the environments we observe and inhabit instead of illuminating them. Being able to build a shared idea of ‘reality’ is the single most important task of sapience; one that is only possible through the bringing together of the scientific with the manifest. During a historical moment seemingly unable to find its centre, can (and I’ll add, should?) art and philosophy build the epistemic scaffolds necessary to protocolize sense-making in the sciences?

Reference materials:

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Reza Negarestani (article)

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