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0x008 ::: Transcendental Time Machines

Published onNov 16, 2021
0x008 ::: Transcendental Time Machines
‘Transcendental Time Machines’ ::: Research Archive

Illustration of Temperance from Heinrich Suso’s ‘Wisdom of the Clock’, ca. 1450.

A salon on the topic ‘Transcendental Time Machines’ where we discussed history, measurement and synthesis of temporal instruments and regimes.

Recommended Materials:

Xenotemporality: Unnatural Time - Anna Engelhardt & Diann Bauer (video)
Deleuze’s Third Synthesis of Time - Daniela Voss (article)
Transcendental Time Machines Audio Report - Wassim Alsindi, Martina Cavalot, Max Hampshire, Paul Seidler (audio)
Pandemic Time: A Distributed Doomsday Clock - Venkatesh Rao (article)
The Immortal - Jose Luis Borges (fiction)
Project Time Capsule - Black Quantum Futurism (article)
Reminiscences of a Clock Operator - Wassim Alsindi (article)
The Politics of Time Precis - Peter Osborne (article)
The Poenomenon: Form as Occult Technology - Amy Ireland (article)
Temporal Secessionism - Timezone #1 - (video)

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SalonCast003 ::: Transcendental Time Machines
SalonCast003 ::: Transcendental Time Machines

We held a 0x Salon conversation under Chatham House Rule on the history, politics, philosophy and technology of timekeeping. This is an audio report based on that discussion.

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