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SWAN FAKE - An Improbable Radio Play

Against all odds, a voyage to Improbable Island is set to take place bringing together an unusual collection of wayfarers. Follow them as they embark on their journey.

Published onFeb 12, 2022
SWAN FAKE - An Improbable Radio Play

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SWAN FAKE - An Improbable Radio Play

SWAN FAKE: An Improbable Radio Play / Scene 1 of 6 (Preview) by 0x Salon

For the past year, a group of salon friends made an improvised radio play entitled ‘SWAN FAKE’ . The play follows the (mis)adventures of a cast of unlikely characters including new-AIge grifter Deepfake Chopra, acc/strologist Nota Bene Gesserit, the mean and regressive standard deviant Marquis de Stats, angry tweeter Noisy T. Lib, and the perfect dancer The Swan herself. The listen follows them over half an hour’s trials and tribulations as they navigate the treacherous and always uncertain Straits of Heisenberg towards the Improbable Island for an unforgettable climax at the fabled Algorithmic Theatre, where the audience struggles to tell up from DAOn.

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Creative Direction: Wassim Z. Alsindi
Storyline: Wassim Z. Alsindi, Leïth Benkhedda, Terence Sharpe, and Claire Tolan
Sound design and FX: Terence Sharpe
Dialogue improvised by performers, in order of appearance:
The Bard: Wassim Z. Alsindi
The Swan: Swanonymous
Deepfake Chopra: Le Jargonneur Cryptographique
Marquis de Stats: Wassim Z. Alsindi
Nota Bene Gesserit: Reverend Mother Mainframe
Noisy T. Lib: Leïth Benkhedda
Boring Billionaire Bro: What's With The Long Mask?
Mathistopheles: William Kherbek
Freqshow: Lisa Blanning
The Educated Guest: Steven Lavender

Initiated and supported by the Black Swan Working Group at Trust, 2021.
Recorded at Trust, Berlin, 2021.
Characters, scenes from the Fau0x Salon card deck.
Dialog excerpts from William Shakespeare and CPRU.
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A 0x Salon Production.

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