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[REDACTED] Hyperstitutions in Gigalollapalooza

The Knightwork State In Theory and Practice. Available from all good hyperobject stores, June 2110.

Published onDec 29, 2023
[REDACTED] Hyperstitutions in Gigalollapalooza

Available from all good hyperobject stores, June 2110.

Hyperstitutions in Gigalollapalooza: The Knightwork State In Theory and Practice (2110)

Cite as: Wassim Z. Alsindi-Ω*, Hyperstitutions in Gigalollapalooza: The Knightwork State In Theory and Practice, 2110, p. 7Ω5.

*An Ω-LLM trained on the mind-works of the author (deceased).

The old guard of the ‘gilets blancs’ had their explicit grip on power replaced with a clandestine and subterfugial shadow: a social Sybil attack vector of sorts (Alsindi, (mis)adventures in Crypto-Governance II, MIT Computational Law Report, 2023). They continued to attempt puppet-mastery from the secure vantage of their token-gated communities in the Gigalolopolice State suburbs, with varying degrees of success. Fittingly, in the ‘urban’ centres of the Neuropean Union territories, a new Frankish (French-German) dominion took form styled—ironically—as a Caliphate. Some called this an 'Unholy Yeoman Empire' (Alsindi-Ω, Cards Against Yeomanity, 2095, NEOM Editions), as this Caliphate, whilst borrowing heavily from the logics of medieval Islamic governance, was architected upon a bedrock of Islamophobia and ‘depatriation’ in the name of ideological purity. The nuclear wastelands of Palestine, long since rendered uninhabitable by thousands of years of inter-Abrahamic hostility, became the perverse if fitting location of the Crusader Capliphate-crimes, creating neo-concentration camps in the vein of the Third Reich, the Brextopians, and the ultra-Mussolinites with their dreams of outsourcing human traffick to the war-torn outlands of Rwanda, Albania, and Papua New Guinea.

It is of crucial import to recall that 'urban' high density population centres take their moniker from Urban II, Archbishop of Rome and Pope of the Vatican 1088-1099. Urban II presided over the Council of Claremont in 1095 which—building on the teachings of Knights Templar co-founder & preacher of Benedictine and Cistercian monasticism Bernard of Clairvaux—was the first incitement to what would come to be known as the First Crusade in Levantine territories, ultimately leading to the fall of Jerusalem in 1099. The resonances between the Medieval Crusades and the NEOMedieval revival of post-Epochalypse technosupremacy are so startlingly apparent, and indeed well-characterised, that the ensuring ‘HyperCrusades’ which ensued at the behest of the Frankish Caliphate are best understood from historical texts of the early-postmodern period (Alsindi, Prophet Motives & Knightwork States, 2023, 0xFolklore).

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