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1/2/24 The Immaculate Misconception Performance & Afterparty @, Berlin

Our 4th Birthday! Come early for 19h30 performance, stay late for music.

Published onFeb 01, 2024
1/2/24 The Immaculate Misconception Performance & Afterparty @, Berlin
01/02/24 The Immaculate Misconception Performance at

The Immaculate Misconception Performance & Afterparty

IRL ⌂ Thursday 1 February – 19h30-???h – Panke Gallery & Club, Hof V, Gerichtstraße 23, 13347 Berlin.

Performance: The Immaculate Misconception

Afterparty DJs: cute white boy, urs.px, omzehn, $HASHY

Join us at from 19h30 on Thursday 1st Feb for a gameplay/performance of THE IMMACULATE MISCONCEPTION (0xSalon, 2022): an interactive journey through a hundred years of Bitcoin’s past, present, and possible futures. To celebrate our 4th birthday, we’ll takeover the Panke Culture club space until late with friends cute white boy, urs.px, omzehn, and $HASHY.

The Immaculate Misconception (0xSalon, 2022)

The Immaculate Misconception is an interactive storytelling environment inspired by pre-internet gamebooks. Participants make a series of policy decisions over time as Bitcoin proliferates and global sea levels rise: acceleration of the quest for limitless energy, attempts to exile Bitcoin off-planet, conducting an insurrection, or acquiescence to the new machine god. The game interrogates the environmental implications of cryptocurrencies, charting speculative futures that probe tensions between capital and ecology in the contemporary global regime dominated by scarcity economics. The work unfolds as a fictional narrative, where formerly ‘failed’ states make Bitcoin their official currency, as volcano-powered energy makes them the richest nations on Earth, and eco-conscious activists start rising up against mining farms. 

The Immaculate Misconception was part of a two-fold project developed within the framework of the European Commission’s S+T+ARTS Repairing the Present residencies, hosted by Art Hub Copenhagen. The aim of Repairing The Present’s ‘Blockchain Society’ theme was to explore the promises and potentials of blockchain from the point of view of their symbolic and systemic aspects, including their consequences for representation and contemporary systems of knowledge and power. 

For more information on the project and contributors, visit:

The Immaculate Misconception Credits

Concept & creative directionWassim Z. Alsindi
Interactive design, visual storytelling & art directionAnna-Luise Lorenz
Game Development – Anna-Luise Lorenz
Storyline, Characters, Text – Wassim Z. Alsindi, Habib William Kherbek, Claire Tolan, Katharine Tyndall
Performers @ Panke - Katharine Tyndall, Anna-Luise Lorenz, Aste Amundsen, Wassim Z. Alsindi
Game Animation – Anna-Luise Lorenz
$HASHY animationBeth von Undall & Anna-Luise Lorenz
Music – Wassim Z. Alsindi as Essential Abstractions
Coding Support – Alican Karalar
With thanks to all at S+T+ARTS and Art Hub Copenhagen for funding and support.

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