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0x002 ::: Epistemic Trespassing

Published onApr 17, 2020
0x002 ::: Epistemic Trespassing

0xSalon002 ::: Epistemic Trespassing

“Epistemic trespassers judge matters outside their field of expertise. We should doubt that trespassers are reliable judges in fields where they are outsiders.”

Nathan Ballantyne, Mind (2019)

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Epistemic Trespassing

Salon Outputs

Epistemic Trespassing Salon Report


d) Praxis Branch ::: Wednesday 5th August 2020 ::: Virtual
c) Theory Branch ::: Tuesday 4th August 2020 ::: Virtual
b) Thursday 12th March 2020 ::: Berlin
a) Sunday 8th March 2020 ::: Cambridge MA

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