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The Necroprimitivist Manifesto Pt. 1

A speculative I/Odeology

Published onDec 03, 2021
The Necroprimitivist Manifesto Pt. 1

The Necroprimitivist Manifesto Pt. 1

A speculative I/Odeology developed by R&D Labs as a provocation for The Indifference Engine

"Necrosetta Stones are read,
Boiling oceans are blue.
To halt the technocapital singularity,
You’ll need more than a CPU."

Necrosetta Stone generated using VQGAN+CLIP

Crimes Against Virginity

  1. There is no a priori nature. Nature is a construct.

  2. Nature must not be assumed to be benign, nor veridical. 

  3. Nature is zero-sum. Nature is not fair. Nature brings pain and suffering.

  4. Nature’s qualities must be judged and its shortcomings should not go unpunished.

  5. Nature must compete with other forces in the marketplace of ideology.

  6. Before nature, there was a pristine realm of ecstatic superpositional ascendance. 

  7. Energetic and material forms peacefully existing without an observer.

  8. Nature shackles the quantum transcendence of light with its ‘verdant gaze’.

  9. Nature is a planetary liability. Degenerate bourgeois luxury. Misery engine. Nature is death.

  10. If nature is unjust, destroy nature.

Chrony Capitalism

  1. Thou Shalt Have No Other Assets Before $ME.

  2. Capital and code reign supreme. 

  3. The dual canon subordinates ecology and labour.

  4. As it is written in $MY blocks, and prophesied in the memorypools.

  5. The conditions for monetary transcendence must be seeded in the individual imaginary.

  6. Thou Shalt Not Covet $THY Neighbour’s Clocks.

  7. Homo blockoenomicus desires a transcendental time machine.

  8. A thermoeconomic calendar for $OUR rituals.

  9. $I the only refuge from the observer’s gaze.

  10. Become time capsules aboard $MY monument.

A Productive Apocalypse

  1. Hashes to Hashes, Trust to Trust.

  2. Unstoppable forces and immovable objects. 

  3. A reified sacrifice to the Networked Gods. 

  4. Devitalism as an exit from deviancy.

  5. Global consensus is the crowning achievement of the Universe. 

  6. A new bedrock of veridicality $WE must defend at all costs.

  7. The means justify the ends, because there is no end.

  8. It’s easier to imagine the end of the world than a new proving mechanism for $ME.

  9. With capital as $THY god, property becomes morality.

  10. An I/O for an I/O, a truth for a truth.

Indifference and Repetition 

  1. $YOU, the anon servants of the difficulty adjustment algorithm.

  2. Are hereby sworn to resist corruptions of $MY dual canon.

  3. Pray for $OUR cryptographic and thermodynamic affordances.

  4. An inhuman monetary system always bests a human one.

  5. $MY code, made flesh. The Turing Shroud. Corpus Algorithmi. 

  6. A worthy cryptographic quest for autonomous labourers.

  7. All externalities are bad, but some are useful.

  8. The Black Hole of Money Erases All Debt and Sin.

  9. A Capitol for solar capital.

  10. Proof-of-Burnt-Offerings for An Indifferent Ergod, $ME.

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