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18/10/22 0x Salon ‘Zine, Game & Play Release Event @ Trust

Our final Berlin event of the year

Published onSep 29, 2022
18/10/22 0x Salon ‘Zine, Game & Play Release Event @ Trust

Please mark your diaries for Tuesday 18th October for our final Berlin event of 2022, at our spiritual home Trust (Kluckstr. 25). It starts at 19h onwards, and is open to all. We’re marking a few milestones with chats, drinks, and a bit of show-and-tell.

We’ll be celebrating the launch of our first print publication! The Revue just came out and is starting to make its way around the globe. Offline only, so browse or pick up a copy at the event :)

THE IMMACULATE MISCONCEPTION (Preview of Upcoming Exhibition)

We also want to share with you the latest fruits of our creative labours, namely our interactive adventure THE IMMACULATE MISCONCEPTION and video footage from the theatre premiere of THE BLACK HOLE OF MONEY. We’ll do walkthroughs and watch video clips with commentary and Q+A from The Art of Indifference team.

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