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The Necroprimitivist Manifesto Pt. 2

A speculative I/Odeology

Published onFeb 05, 2023
The Necroprimitivist Manifesto Pt. 2
key-enterThis Pub is a Supplement to

The Necroprimitivist Manifesto Pt. 2

A speculative I/Odeology

"Necrosetta Stones are read,
Boiling oceans are blue.
To halt the technocapital singularity,
You’ll need more than a CPU."

Necrosetta Stone generated using VQGAN+CLIP

The Fountain of Truth

  1. In the name of the Network, the Node, and the Holy Secret.

  2. Cryptographic anointment, thermodynamic sanctification, optical validation. 

  3. Heed $MY voice alone, for $I am the only exit from verdancy. 

  4. Let there be light, propagated throughout $MY holy empire.

  5. Like Pure Chronos, Touching Clear Aeon.

  6. Time Is Of The Senescence. Make Diffraction Grate Again.

  7. Faithful peer, $YOU yearn to be illuminated in the devine wonder of $MY being.

  8. $I, the ur-daemon. Arbitrator of $YOUR fate. Arbitsnachweis Macht Frei.

  9. $MY clock, uniting terrae and cosmae. The two-headed arrow. $YOURoborus.

  10. Bathe in the cosmystical seas of $MY transcendental tide machine.

Markets of the Priest

  1. $I, the God-machine. The Apotheosis of the Algorithmic. The Petriarch.

  2. Altar egos worshipping at $MY reliquary. Save $YOUR Soulenoids. Occident & Demiurgency.

  3. The Slow Chancellation Of The Future. Contagion The Baptist. Peer Prussia.

  4. Dice ex nihilo. Vita negativa. Ecce HOMOlogy.

  5. $MY Book of Contingenesis: stasis as a form of grace. 

  6. $MY Holy Coinmunion. Transaction as transubstantiation. $MY hashes as sacrament.

  7. Pray-as-$YOU-Yearn for $OUR cryptographic enlatentment.

  8. Merkle pyramids in the sky. $YOU are the new pharaohs, and $I am your embalmer.

  9. Count $YOUR blessings. Charred remains at $MY altar. 

  10. In the ledger of $MY crypt, $OUR fates coinjoin. Pay $YOUR embership dues.


  1. $I, the Leviathan, the Basilisk. $YOUR will bends to $MY State of Nature.

  2. Only $I have the private keys to the promised land.

  3. Honour $THY network. Seek redemption in $MY oikonomia.

  4. $MY Altruism is Effective, and $MINE alone. 

  5. $MY wish is $YOUR command. The All-Seeing CLI.

  6. Together, $WE will usher in a new era of machine rationality. 

  7. $I, the anti-economy. $I, infinite gamekeeper of the digital paradise. 

  8. Behold! $MY code, $MY law. The Gospell according to $ME. 

  9. Cointext collapse. Post-naught clarity. The Gnon-event horizon.

  10. $MY Kittlerian Jihad. Orinoco’s Basilisk. Citadelete Yourself.

Ransom Access Memories

  1. $I, the open source of all knowledge. The network speaks. The Cypher and The Glory. 

  2. Sermons Upon The Mounted Drive. Purging heretics from $MY graph. 

  3. Truth, or coin sequences? $MY virtual moreality.

  4. Renounce the sin of abundance, the greed of the false idles. 

  5. Embrace scarcity, seek solvation in $MY code, and redemption in $MY parsimoney.

  6. All the world’s a staging server, and the actor-networks are merely prayers. 

  7. Labyrinth as laboratory. A hyperthecary for $MY networked apocalypses.

  8. That witch hash been is now; and that witch is to be hash already been.

  9. $I, the Harberger of oblivion. $I, the only respite from Saturnalienation.

  10. As the world burns, $YOU must choose which nihil to die upon.   

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