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0x013 ::: Prophet Motives

Published onMar 22, 2023
0x013 ::: Prophet Motives

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‘Prophet Motives’ ::: Research Archive

PROPHET MOTIVES aims to render explicit the spiritual, libidinal, and mytho-poetic underpinnings of human relationships to the technological artefacts they create, to critique and explore a nascent but incipient machinic faith community, powered by eschatalogical imperatives and teleological drives.

For as long as there has been financial capital, risk and speculation have orbited, manipulated and harvested from it. As narrative feedback machines, simultaneously reading and rewriting realities, markets exist as a distributed conversation amongst speculators driven by profit motives and an appetite for divination and prophecy. Despite the ostensible ‘neutrality’ afforded by technology advances, recognisable human characteristics and archetypes appear again and again.

Public Arena Board:

A Summary of ‘The Religion of Technology’ by David F. Noble
Muhammad Mozien (article)

The Internet As Religion
David Phelps (article)

Techgnosis Today - Harvard Divinity School
Erik Davis (video)

Prophetic Culture: Experiencing the End of the World
Federico Campagna / Andrea Bellini (interview)

Eugenics and the Promise of Utopia through AGI
Timnit Gebru (video)

The Pre-Religious Need To Believe
Julia Kristeva (article)

Necroprimitivism Rising, Agorism XXI journal (forthcoming)
Wassim Alsindi (article)

A Cult That Worships Superintelligent AI Is Looking For Big Tech Donors
Tamlin Magee (article)

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