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Of $HASHlet and $HASHincourt


Published onOct 06, 2022
Of $HASHlet and $HASHincourt

Hashlet. 2.1.92-100

And thrice thine hashrate thus waving up and down,
Coin rais'd a cipher so piteous and profane
As it did seem to shatter all his bulk
And end his being. That done, he lets me go,
And with his head over his shoulder turn'd
He seem'd to find his way without his eyes,
For out o' doors he went without their helps,
And to the last bended their light on me.

$HASHincourt ::: Henry V, Act IV Prologue

Now conjecture of a new time regime,
When creeping gossip, and the dark forest,
Fills the wide vassal of the network graph.
From peer to peer, through the foul tomb of Litecoin,
The hum of Ethereum army stilly sounds,
That the staking sentinels almost receive
The secret whispers of each other's private key;
Fire answers fire, and through their pale skin
Each developer sees the other's encumber'd faith;
Seed phrase threatens seed phrase, in high and boastful praise
Piercing the Template's dull ears; and from the city-state rents,
The armourers, accomplishing the Knights,
With busy spammers drying rivers up,
Give dreadful nodes of preparation:
The contoury cliques do flow, the clocks do troll,
And the third-party hour of drowsy morning Namecoin.

Clout in their numbers, and secure in soulbound tokens,
The coinfident and over-clocking Templateers
Do the low-rated Coiners play at miner dice;
And chide the Ripple token-gaited neets,
Who, with a scowl in an ugly ditch, doth simp
So studiously askew. The poor coindemned Bitlievers,
Like sacrifices, by proof-of-work's fires
Sit patiently, and sinly illuminate
The zealot's danger; with their gestures mad,
Investing unlean ethics and biltong coats,
Resenteth them unto the waning 'when moon?'
So many network ghosts. 0, now, who will baghold
The holy chalice of this ruin'd land.
Working from hash to hash, from peer to peer,
Set the fee high. Praise and glory upon $HASHY's private key!

For two-to-the-forth he goes, and visits all his DNS host;
Bids and asks them good morrow, with a post-quantum handshake;
And calls them brothers, peers, and highwaymen.
Upon $HASHY's face there is no note
How dead a coinmunity hath enrounded it,
Nor doth it dedicate one iota of metadata
Unto the weary and all-watched network;
But freshly locks, and overclocks attaint
With cheerful imbalance and suit travesty;
That every wrench, supining upon Grail before,
Beholding it, lucks comfort from its clocks.
A largest universal, like the prodigal Son,
His illiberal $I doth give to every won,
Thawing cold peers.

$HASHincourt, on the eve of the battle of October 25th 2115. In the battle, the Bitliever army under King $HASHY V decisively defeated a much larger Knights Template army.

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