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5/10/23 POST-CLOCK RATIONALISATIONS @ Trust (Berlin, Germany)

Published onSep 28, 2023
5/10/23 POST-CLOCK RATIONALISATIONS @ Trust (Berlin, Germany)

5/10/23 Post-Clock Rationalisations @ Trust, Berlin

Image by Tea Stražičić and Trust

With Martina Cavalot and Wassim Z. Alsindi of 0xSalon
IRL ⌂ Thurs 5 October – 19:30 CEST – Trust, Berlin (Kluckstr. 25)
5€ (free for Trust members)
STREAM • Thurs 5 October – 20:00 CEST – Twitch

A collective body is a chimera of organs and entanglements that move beyond the limits of legal and technical approaches to organizing.

Collective Bodies ✦ Auricle with Martina Cavalot

The auricle is the part of the ear external to the body, made up of cartilage and skin, its curved shape collects sound waves and delivers them to the inner ear. Detecting gravity and motion, the ear is an integral part of how the body moves through its environment and thus shapes our relationship to time. Oracle and auricle share etymological roots in sound and speech acts.

This month in the Trust program, we explore how the auricle stands in for time sensing, listening and manifestation or prophecy – thinking about the role of organisations in calling out to alternate horizons.

Post-Clock Rationalisations with Wassim Z. Alsindi of 0xSalon

Spawned within and incubated by Trust for the past few years, the 0xSalon conducts experiments in creative and scholarly collaboration. Activities take the forms of an event series, a residency program, physical objects, and a project studio. We like to think of its collective body as an amorphous bricolage of concepts, contexts, and practices.

Drawing upon recent publications and an upcoming book, Wassim will be connecting several strands of long-standing research into network communities: synthetic temporalities; ideologies of scarcity; and relationships between prophecy, capital, and technology.

Martina will be presenting the 0xSalon as a collective digital and physical body: focusing on the intellectual commitments; the organisational manifestations; and the historical trajectory of the project, to delineate its scope as an experimental space for epistemic inquiry.

Wassim Z. Alsindi operates at the intersection of intersections, in an undisciplined and undisciplinary manner. He chronicles material, social, and metaphysical aspects of contemporary technologies across context and episteme.

Martina Cavalot is a researcher and strategist currently based in Berlin. With a background in law, art theory, and philosophy, Martina is interested in the ways the mind fashions models of the world capable of shaping systems and technologies.

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