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Romance, Capital, Time

Published onAug 01, 2022
Romance, Capital, Time

Romance, Capital, Time

I’m Sorry For Your Lust
Reified contradictionary
A tension economy
Since time immaterial
Poisons and d’autres
Trickle-down eudaemonics
At the libidinal delta.

Residue diligence
Remains of the Dei
A paterne language
Haute churl summer
I wandered, lonely as a clout
The no menswear’s land
Where it never reigns, only vapours.

Bittersweet Simpony
V for vendita
Poesia, Noesia, Bayesia
Zero-sum vogue
Rorschach Redemption
Fade to lack.

Flat white fragility
A Turning-Incomplete hotnet
A cute-force lovernance attack
The Magna Clarta
In a garden of catwalking social graphs
Dolphin de siècle.

The Rotting Hill Carnival
'twixt signal and sinew
The utter and the stars
An indecentralised porpoisal
Corporeal punishment
Sanguis, saevum, oleum
Egregia cum louder.

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