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The Death of Rewe

A homage to the infernal city

Published onJul 23, 2023
The Death of Rewe

The Death of Rewe

A Faustian Berghain
Dante’s Entfernung
The Church of Leather-Day Saints
Club Martyr
The Merchant of Venison
The Marriage of Heaven and Hellweg
As Above, So Bülow.

A New Dork Age
The Berlindy Effect
The e-mail gaze
Contempt Creator
Welcome to the Metawurst
The Revenge of the Vril.

Virchow Signalling
Cloutbusser Tor
Schinkel, Schinkel little star
The Gropiest Bow
The Sigmund and The Profane
Zeissgeist: Syzyphyus
Berlin Hegel Airport.

Poison I.V.
Alice in Wunder-Lauch
Thousand chard stare
Escargot cult
The milk of human blindness
The Holy Braille
Truth, or dairy?

Rundgang Violence
Breakfast At Epiphanies
Gleim and Punishment
Money’s Too Tight To Menschen.

Pedagogy of the Press Pass
The Tragedy of the Comments
Glossed In Translation
A Fistful of Mandalas
Remorse Code
Alles In Ordinal
Oblivion, laugh, love.

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