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0x00Ω Poetics ::: No Unhallow'd Fire

Published onApr 27, 2021
0x00Ω Poetics ::: No Unhallow'd Fire

On Breathing
"Not in the ideal dreams of wild desire
Have I beheld a rapture wakening form
My bosom burns with no unhallow'd fire
Yet my eyes with sparkling lustre fill'd
Yet my mouth replete with murmuring sound
Yet my limbs with inward transports thrill'd"
[H. Davy (edited)]

"There exists..."
Stranger than factition
A noetic form
Sakkharon psychotechne
Essential aphrodesia
No time, like the present.

Paradisiacal Hydraulicks
A silken womb
Enveloped, folding space
A moment with the Arbiter
As the wheel spins
Nitromorphosis of Susurrus
Phlogical voidening
Poetique objectif actualite.

Occultural Appropriation
Existence foreshadowed
Nature denaturing
Eminence disseminating
Immanents trespassing
Eschetricksters beyond the veil
Out of sight
Sleight of mind.

Nitura Nitrans
A pneu world second order
Negative paramagneticks
An institute in the clouds
Nonlinear phenomenologies
To comprehend, the unbelievable
To recall, the improbable
To describe, the impossible
Vapor dei intellectualis.


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