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22/7/22 THE BLACK HOLE OF MONEY Preview Event @ Trust

Published onJun 22, 2022
22/7/22 THE BLACK HOLE OF MONEY Preview Event @ Trust

$HASHY: an avatar controlled by the Byzantine Business School and The Worshipful Company of Thermocapitalists

Please mark your diaries for something a little different to our usual programming:

Our next event will be IRL at Trust on Friday July 22nd at 19h onwards, and open to all.

To prepare for our upcoming THE BLACK HOLE OF MONEY theatre premiere (CLICK Festival, Helsingør, Denmark, Friday 19th August) and also celebrate the release of our SWAN FAKE radio play, we're throwing a recital event. Come to Trust for an evening with the 0x Salon 'Art of Indifference' team as we share scenes and soliloquies from both works, exploring myriad possible futures with a series of morally ambiguous characters and unreliable narrators.


As part of the 0x Salon’s STARTS ‘Repairing The Present’ Fellowship, we have been collectively preparing a speculative theatre production called ‘THE BLACK HOLE OF MONEY’. Spanning the entire 21st century, we are guided by our narrator—a time-travelling cowboy—across multiple parallel timelines originating from present day events. Bitcoin mediates a game of chicken between capital, ecology and the humans who scramble to coordinate and respond to the crises it creates. Characters represent the principal stakeholders in the Bitcoin economy, and their emissaries. Faced with Earth’s quickening deterioration, Earth’s unwitting protagonists can adopt various strategies: acceleration of the quest for limitless energy, attempt to tame Bitcoin with regulation, conducting insurrectionary uprisings, or acquiescence to the new machine god. 

The world premiere of the play takes place at CLICK Festival Helsingør, Denmark on the 19th of August. Join us as we elaborate Shakespearean corruptions for the 21st century, in the shadow of Hamlet’s castle (no, really).

The Necrosetta Stone: a Holy Grail for the proof-of-work era.


For the past year, a group of salon friends made an improvised radio play entitled ‘SWAN FAKE’ . The play follows the (mis)adventures of a cast of unlikely characters including new-AIge grifter Deepfake Chopra, acc/strologist Nota Bene Gesserit, the mean and regressive standard deviant Marquis de Stats, angry tweeter Noisy T. Lib, and the perfect dancer The Swan herself. The listen follows them over half an hour’s trials and tribulations as they navigate the treacherous and always uncertain Straits of Heisenberg towards the Improbable Island for an unforgettable climax at the fabled Algorithmic Theatre, where the audience struggles to tell up from DAOn.

Listen to the full SWAN FAKE radio play:

SWAN FAKE - An Improbable Radio Play by 0x Salon
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