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0x004 Poetics ::: Capitalism's Transcendental Slime Machine

Published onFeb 01, 2021
0x004 Poetics ::: Capitalism's Transcendental Slime Machine

Object Oriented Scientology.
Framing the problem so well
It creates the anti-solution
A self-unfulfilling prophecy
Tautological fallacy
All that is squalid
Melts into air
Abandon cope all ye who enter here.

Delphine autopepsia.
The grey goo glue that binds peers in the valley
Becomes concrete handcuffs in the desert
Agent provocognateur
Calculating, implicating, imbricating
The body without organs, and yet striated space
An amorphous oracle sensing networked fates.

Cursed gnosis of FOMO Sapiens
Sleepwalking through a Tellurian trolley problem
Grasping for a Minimum Viable Planet
"Mycologic in Practice, my dear Watson"
Cyanotechnics, xenoecology, symbiosthetics
The slime of the ancient mariner.

As virulence as catalyst as capital.
A passive adversary negating desire
Zugzwang eternal
The libidinal ecumeny capitulates
Punctured by a straw assassin
Degenerate reproduction maketh not life
And yet evolves in viral time.

The Protocols of the Elders of slime.
An engine not a camera
Manifesting its own degradation
The MacKenzian hypermodel
Digesting itself for fun and profit
A lure for feeling
The sweetest honeypot
The emptiest triumph
The deadliest trap.

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